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I am passionate about helping my clients heal Spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, and socially. 

Michelle Hyatt


Feeling stuck and overwhelmed by traditional talk therapy? You are not alone. Hello, my name is Michelle and I am a Holistic Psychotherapist licensed in North and South Carolina. My approach to therapy is holistic and addresses all aspects of who you are as a person.  Holistic Psychotherapy gets to the root of what is driving the issue and helps foster the mind/body/spirit connection. I have an extensive background in treating issues related to trauma, chronic physical issues, anxiety, depression, and being hurt by the church community. There is HOPE.

My education includes a Bachelor's degree in Biblical studies from Columbia International University and a Master's degree in professional counseling from Liberty University. My specialties include: Spiritual approaches, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Certified Integrated Mental Health, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, GI, Mindfulness, Grounding Techniques, and Trauma Recovery and Empowerment Model.  My approach to therapy is unique for each client. I welcome all who desire a deeper connection with themselves and with the God of their understanding.


I look forward to walking beside you and supporting you, while working on your goals for therapy. During therapy, I offer a safe place for you to heal. Please reach out with any questions you may have.  


Monday - Thursday 8am - 6pm

Session Fee $125 

In Network with

Aetna, United Healthcare, Cigna, BCBS of SC and NC


In-Person and HIPPA Compliant Telehealth Counseling Available

Romans 12:2 "Be transformed by the renewing of your mind."

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